15 Must Have Family Photos for November


15 Must Have Family Photos for November

Can you believe 2022 is already drawing to a close.  It’s been a year of ups and downs for most people.  We’ve all enjoyed getting back to the normality of gathering with friends and family and jetting off on holidays.  It’s almost as though being so busy has made time run faster!  I was talking to a client this week who mentioned the exact same thing.  She was talking about how lovely it was to have a photographer capture her family in beautiful portraits before the year ends.

It got me thinking that at this time of year there are so many wonderful opportunities for snaps for your family album.  Sometimes we concentrate on the big things and forget all about the small moments.

With that in mind, I've pulled together a list of 15 Must Have Family Moments for you to capture on your phone or camera this November.  Save this blog to refer back to or take a screen shot for easy reference.  I’d love to see the images you capture - you can share them with me by tagging me on social media at www.instagram.com/miranda.walton.photography


  1. Posed shots in costumes
  2. Candid photo enjoying the night

Ok, I’ve shoe-horned this in as technically it’s in October but I’m sure you’ll forgive me.  Make sure you snap the kids in their costumes before you go Trick or Treating.  As well as the usual posed photos with the scary faces being pulled, try and grab a couple of candid shots too while they are trick or treating or enjoying their Halloween Haul of sweets!

Children in pumpkin heads for halloween

Bonfire Night

  1. Try a picture of the kids with fireworks going off in the background.  Experiment with the settings on your phone or camera, you might even find one that’s perfect for fireworks. The photo below was taken with my iPhone.
  2. Snap a picture of you all enjoying the bonfire treats - hotdogs, toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate all set the scene


Muddy Weather

  1. As the rainfall increases in November, catch the kids jumping in muddy puddles.  

girls jumping in muddy puddles


  1. November sees all the leaves fallen from the trees and the winter sun makes the dew on the ground sparkle.  Take the kids on a nature walk and see what you can snap



  1. We can never have enough photos of grandparents -  make sure you grab some lovely ones this November during family activities.


School Days

  1. It’s lovely to have pictures of your school days - I often wish I had more, especially from primary school.  This November, take a picture of your child at drop off or pick up with their friends.



  1. November is a time when we stock up on comfort food and bake a lot more.  Get the kids involved and take some photographs of your cooking adventures together


Bike Ride

  1. Chilly days when you can see your breath in the air make for fabulous cycling or scooter pictures.  Remember to take a picture for your November album.



  1. Get in front of the camera more.  And I’m not just talking selfies.  Ask your partner to take a proper photograph of you having fun with the kids.



  1. November gives you lots of opportunities for a nice family photograph.  Any Christmas events you attend, especially where you’ve made an effort to dress up - remember to snap a photo.

    family Christmas photograph in Northampton


  1. As the big blankets and oodies come out and you spend evenings snuggled up - remember to take a picture.  I can guarantee when your children are adults they’ll be saying ‘do you remember those huge thick blankets we used to wear mum!?’ while their own children giggle and cringe.



  1. November calls for a big clean up in most gardens.  Get the children involved and take some pictures.  You might even be planting winter bulbs ready for the spring so think of these as your ‘before’ photos.  When the bulbs bloom, take another photo and you’ll be surprised at home much your children have bloomed too!


Christmas Preparations

  1. November sees our Christmas preparations beginning.  Whether you’re feeding the Christmas cake, writing our your cards, choosing gifts for granny, get a snap.  It’s amazing how this simple family moments seem so special when they’re just a memory.



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