Are we too far into January already to say Happy New Year? I hope you’ve all managed to have some quality family time over the last month and are all set for a fabulous 2022!

January is apparently the month to go vegan… and sober! Whilst I haven’t quite managed the dry January, after a spectacular fail on the first weekend, (in my defence I had a weekend off in London, and the hotel cocktail bar was amazing!) however I am trying to significantly reduce my meat intake, especially red meat. Anyway, enough about me! 

If you are already vegan, or just want to do that little bit more for the environment, I have some great news for you.

All albums, portrait boxes and wall art from me can come in your choice of material which include animal friendly leatherettes, eco leather and linen fabrics in a massive variety of colours. You really won’t be limited by not choosing leather.

Northamptonshire family photography artwork photo album in box frame and swatch of colours available  A Reveal Portrait Box in lime leatherette

In addition to this, the HD print technology used in producing your prints is water based, which means unlike traditional silver halide printing from high street printers and even most professional labs, it doesn’t produce hazardous chemicals. Rather than the tonnes of chemicals produced by commercial print labs, at the end of the day there is only 1 litre of water to dispose of with my trusted lab!

Northamptonshire family photography artwork matted prints of newborn baby and family

The photographic paper itself used in this printer is not made with animal parts, unlike paper used in traditional photographic printing systems where gelatine is used.  

Miranda Walton Photography no hazardous chemicals sign

As well as being animal friendly and better for the environment, the quality is absolutely amazing and takes printing technology to the next level. It can print up to 2400dpi and has 7 colours for super crisp detail and really accurate tones. You can really see the difference in these prints compared to high street printers. 

Miranda Walton Photography print colours

To read more about the importance of print, please click here. To see any of the products I offer please just contact me and we can arrange a time for me to pop round and show you all the options. 


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