Spring Family Photoshoot in Northamptonshire


Spring is a wonderful time of year to arrange a family photoshoot in Northamptonshire. I’ve been creating stunning family portraits in and around the county for 15 years, and Spring is my absolute favourite time!

With the flowers in bloom and the weather getting warmer, there are plenty of opportunities for us to capture beautiful family moments outdoors. If you needed any more persuasion, here are a few reasons why spring is the perfect time to arrange your family photoshoot in [location] with me:

Perfect photoshoot weather

Spring is a transitional season with mild weather, and the days are getting longer.  This means we have beautiful light in the evenings and it’s comfortable to be outside for longer periods of time. 

Family in the bluebells near Towcester by Miranda Walton Photography

Beautiful portrait-worthy surroundings

Spring is the season of new growth, with flowers and trees beginning to bloom. This means that we are spoiled for choice when it comes to the backdrop for your family portraits. The Bluebell Woods are one of my favourite locations, bluebells bloom in late April, early May and are the perfect place for some truly stunning family photographs.

Flexible scheduling

With longer daylight hours, there is more flexibility when it comes to scheduling your family photoshoot. Whether you prefer morning, afternoon, or evening, there is plenty of time to capture the perfect lighting for your photos. And don't worry if the weather is awful, I won't be dragging anyone out in the pouring rain (unless you would love some fun shots of the kids jumping in puddles with wellies and raincoats). I always put in a backup date for outdoor portraits so we have an alternative already in the diary if the great British weather lets us down!

Opportunity for bright, cheerful portraits

Spring is associated with bright and cheerful colours, making it a perfect time to experiment with your clothing choices for your family photoshoot. Bright colours can add a pop of vibrancy to your photos and make them stand out.  This can make a beautiful and refreshing change if your regular family portraits are muted or neutral.  Adding a splash of Spring colour adds a new dimension to your portraits. 

family photoshoot in Northampton

Time for family bonding

A family photoshoot is a great opportunity to spend time together and bond as a family. So many of my clients are taken aback by this aspect of their portrait session.  How often do you get to spend time together as a family, in nature, being close and enjoying each other's company?  For most families, it’s a rare occurrence and something to truly cherish.

Family of 3 in Northampton town centre

So right now, with the weather getting warmer and the beautiful location options we have in Northamptonshire, it's the perfect time to enjoy each other's company and make lasting memories. 

To see some more photographs from my family photoshoots, please click here. To start your family's story, pop me a quick email to enquire.


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