The Power of Print


A photograph is really only a photograph when it's printed, until then it's just a digital image or file; pixels on a screen that rarely get viewed.

Our children today are growing up as the most photographed generation, but won't have anything printed to show for it.

SnapChat barely keeps images for 30 seconds, let alone the 30 years it will take for them to have their own kids and want to show them photographs of their childhood!

My photo album my parents made when I was a baby. In this digital age not so many parents do this now.

If I asked you to locate an image of the day your first child was born would you be able to find it? Is it on your computer, backed up on a disc that has now corrupted or you can't access, your Facebook page... SnapChat?!

How often do you say, 'I must print that and put it in an album'? And how often do you really get round to doing it?! Life takes over, especially when you have little ones that take every minute of your time and attention.

I believe as a professional photographer, it's my job to create real, tangible art that you can enjoy every day and that will stand the test of time. Art that can be passed down generations. In each of my collections is a piece of art; something printed on the very best printers using the best paper, that I can promise you you won't find by printing at a supermarket, high street or online printer.

The Reveal Box holds up to 30 of your favourite photographs, handmade in Italy and printed on HD deep matt paper.

You can see samples of albums, Reveal Box and wall art at your session, or if you'd like to meet for a coffee before you book simply contact me and I'll bring them over for you to view.

My albums come in a choice of colours and are designed to sit on the shelf like a framed print, but with an album with all your photographs inside.

For more information, to book your session or to view my collection of printed samples please contact me: | 07725 084976 |


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