If your baby doesn’t want to sleep


Towards the end of last month I went to a lovely village in Northamptonshire to visit 8 day old baby J, and of course his lovely parents. For only 8 days old, J was very alert and wasn't all that keen on going to sleep! Never a problem though, because as long as your baby is settled and happy I can always get some awake images first :)

Most babies usually fall asleep during their session; sometimes it requires a bit more milk, other times just a little cuddle but they will drift off happily in the end! You never need to worry about this though, it's all part of my job getting your baby peacefully off to sleep. I often get asked if I offer baby sitting services too! 

To book your baby their own photoshoot in the comfort of your own home, please contact me today: hello@mirandawaltonphotography.co.uk | 07725 084976 | www.mirandawalton.co.uk



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