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The Digital Black Hole

Have you ever wondered why at Miranda Walton Photography we believe so strongly in printed products? If you do just one thing today, watch the first 35 seconds of this clip from Bladerunner 2049! It talks about the 10 days of darkness after a solar flare that wiped out all machines - all data wiped, never to return.

"My mum still cries over the lost baby pictures!"

It's not so far fetched - you remember the COVID lockdowns? It never even entered our minds as a possibility that the world would shut down due to a virus. That was the stuff of science fiction disaster movies!

The Century of Lost Photos

Vince Cerf, the Vice President of Google warns of the 'forgotten century' with photos stored digitally being at risk. He says we are entering a period where a digital black-hole will absorb untold amounts of photos as the media they are stored on will stop working, the software or operating system  to read it with is no longer available, the phones is lost or the cloud crashes. He says  "If you have a picture you really care about, you had better print it."


Printing and surrounding ourselves with our favourite photographs can positively impact our well-being. Studies have shown that having personal photographs displayed in our living spaces can evoke feelings of happiness, contentment, and a sense of belonging. By incorporating printed photographs into our daily lives, we create an environment that fosters positivity and enhances our overall well-being.

At Miranda Walton Photography, we have always told our clients that we would be doing them a disservice selling only digital files. A USB that will get lost in a drawer (and even if you find it, won't fit in your computer very soon!) or a download that won't get backed up from your computer and will sit there for years, until one day it just won't load. Of course you'll want to share you photographs with friends and family, so we will give you the digital version with every printed photograph you invest in - but what you really want is something that will last you and your family a lifetime and beyond.

We use only the highest quality archical  prints that have been certified to last for over 300 years. These are your heirlooms that you can pass down the generations. Your legacy. Printed.

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Source: The Guardian Article


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