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celebrate motherhood with a maternity photoshoot


Being a portrait photographer gives me the privilege of capturing life’s most precious moments, and of all the milestones I get to document, maternity sessions hold a special place in my heart. There’s a certain radiance, a unique glow, and an abundance of love that is both intimate and powerful during a maternity portrait session. Today, I want to share why booking a maternity session is so essential, the best time to plan one, and innovative ways to display these captivating images.

Why Book a Maternity Session?

  1. Celebrating the Journey: Pregnancy is a profound journey of love, anticipation, and growth. It’s a time of immense transformation, both physically and emotionally. A maternity session is a beautiful way to honour and celebrate this extraordinary journey, cherishing the anticipation and excitement of welcoming a new life into the world.
  2. Creating Lasting Memories: As magical as this period is, it’s also fleeting. Maternity photos allow you to capture this special time in all its glory, creating a tangible memory that you, your partner, and eventually your child can look back on years down the line.
  3. Empowering Experience: Maternity sessions are not just about taking photographs; they are about celebrating the strength and resilience of women, the miracle of creating life. They can be a deeply empowering experience, a reminder of the incredible capability of the female body.

Empowering maternity photoshoot in Northamptonshire

When is the Best Time to Book?

The ideal time to book a maternity session is generally between 28 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is when the belly is beautifully round and prominent, but before the final weeks when comfort might become an issue. Each pregnancy is unique though, so it’s important to consider your comfort and energy levels.

Couple maternity photoshoot

Capturing and Displaying Your Maternity Images

After the session, you might wonder how best to display these treasured images. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Reveal Box: A Reveal Box sits on the shelf like a framed print but with the added advantage you can swap the photo that's on display as often as you'd like. When you have your newborn session you can then add prints to top up your box.
  2. Wall Art: A stunning maternity portrait can become a piece of wall art in your home, serving as a daily reminder of this significant chapter in your life.  Many of my clients choose to have their portraits displayed in more private areas of their homes.
  3. Album: Collect your maternity images in a completely bespoke album. This can become a cherished keepsake for you and a wonderful storybook for your child in the future, showing them the love and excitement that preceded their arrival.
  4. Announcement Cards: Use the images for your baby announcements. It’s a beautiful and personal way to share your joy with friends and family.

A Reveal Box from Miranda Walton Photography is the perfect way to display your maternity photographs.

A maternity session is so much more than a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of life, of motherhood, and of the love that grows with your growing belly. As a professional photographer, I am honoured to capture these moments, helping you tell your story in the most beautiful way possible. So if you’re expecting, consider booking a maternity session – it’s a priceless gift to your future self and your child.


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