Do’s and Don’ts for Outfit Choices in Family Photos


Dress to Impress: Do's and Don'ts for Outfit Choices in Family Photos

Choosing the perfect outfits for your family photoshoot can feel like a daunting task. After all, these images will be adorning your walls and albums, capturing a moment in time. To help you in making the best choices, here are some do's and don'ts when it comes to dressing your family for a photoshoot.

Family photoshoot in Towcester - family of four sitting on a hay bale

Do Coordinate, But Don’t Match

Gone are the days when everyone wore identical white shirts and denim jeans for a family portrait. Instead, opt for coordinating colours that complement each other. Choose a colour palette of 2-3 main colours with 1-2 accent colours and distribute them among your family members. This creates a cohesive, yet dynamic, look for your photos.


Do Consider Your Location and Season

The location and season of your shoot should play a role in your outfit choices. My outdoor family shoots can be held in a variety of locations which we’ll discuss when you book. You’ll need to consider the colours of the environment so that you don’t all blend in.  More formal dress can work well in some of my locations, but you’ll need more casual attire in others! We’ll choose a location that suits your family's personality which will help you make great outfit choices.

Northamptonshire family photograph, mum dad and two children sitting on steps

Don’t Forget About Comfort

Comfort is key in any photoshoot. If you or your children are uncomfortable, it can show in the photos. Choose outfits that fit well and are appropriate for the weather. Remember, children especially need to move around freely.


Do Think About Texture and Layers

Adding texture and layers to your outfits can bring depth and interest to your photos. Think sweaters, scarves, hats, or even accessories like a chunky necklace. But remember, less is often more. Don't let the accessories overwhelm the person wearing them.


Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Style

Your family photos should reflect who you are. Don't be afraid to let your family's individual styles shine through. If your child loves a particular superhero t-shirt, maybe we can find a way to include it in some shots. If you love a particular bold color, use it as an accent.

Family of 3 in Northampton town centre

Do Plan Ahead

Give yourself plenty of time to plan your outfits. Waiting until the last minute can lead to stress and hurried decisions. Start planning a few weeks in advance, so you have time to shop or order items if needed.

Remember, these photos are all about capturing your family's unique bond and personality. The goal should always be to feel like yourselves, only slightly more polished. When you look back on these photos, you'll want to remember not just how you looked, but how you felt at that moment. Comfortable, coordinated clothing can play a significant role in achieving that.

Take a look at my Pinterest board on what to wear from your Spring/Summer photoshoot!


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