What it takes to be a great newborn photographer


Being a newborn photographer is an incredibly rewarding profession. The thing I love most about being a newborn in Northampton are the wonderful families I get to meet at the start of their journey together.  But being a newborn photographer does require a unique set of skills for me to be successful. 

newborn photographer in Northampton baby on pink blanket

From understanding newborn safety concerns to mastering editing techniques, here are some of the skills I’ve had to acquire, learn or perfect to become one of Northamptonshire's leading newborn and baby photographers.


Newborn Safety

It’s vital your newborn photographer understands the importance of safety.  This includes being able to pose your baby properly and how to handle delicate newborns to ensure their comfort and safety.  Even using props requires knowledge and awareness. It is vital your newborn photographer has undertaken 1-2-1 training and haven't just watched a few YouTube tutorials, as it's an impossible skill to learn safely without plenty of hands on training. I am fully trained in the art and safety of newborn photography and have 10 years experience in photographing newborns. Your baby is very safe hands with me. For example in this shot, the baby is lying safely on a black blanket on a beanbag on the floor, the dad is kneeling down and puts his hands around his baby... the baby is not held up in the air at all. An inexperienced photographer might not know this and will ask you to hold you baby up in the air, not safe!

newborn photographer baby in dad's hands

People skills

Working with newborns requires a lot of patience and attention.  Add this to the fact I work closely with new parents who might be feeling fragile or emotional - those hormones run wild in the first week or two!  A great newborn photographer is sensitive to this and completely led by your baby. I never put the baby under any stress to 'get the shot' and will always pick your little one up and give them back to you if they want feeding or cuddles from you during your session. This is why I never put any time pressure on you to get the photoshoot completed, if you need to feed your baby for an hour, then that's what we'll do. Because we're in your own home, you'll be totally relaxed in familiar surroundings so your baby will be much more likely to be calm too.

Technical Photography Skills

I need to have great technical skills with my camera for sure.  But understanding lighting, composition, and exposure are also all vital to be skilled in newborn portraiture. I've completed numerous training courses, not just in newborn photography, but in other disciples too and regularly keep my training up to date.

Editing skills

In addition to taking great photos, a good newborn photographer should also be skilled in post-processing techniques to enhance and refine the images. This includes the ability to remove temporary blemishes caused by nappies or clothing, correct colors, and retouch photos. Being a great editor won’t make terrible portraits brilliant but it can make brilliant portraits beautiful. I've trained in all areas of photography but was also a graphic designer in my previous career so have an excellent understanding of the more complex editing sometimes necessary.

newborn photography safety
For your baby's safety, this shot requires the baby to be supported at all times, and only with good editing skills afterwards does it become the beautiful portrait you see.

Confidence with newborns

Newborns require a special kind of care and attention, and a good newborn photographer should have confidence and experience with newborns.  Being able to keep your newborn comfortable and calm means everybody has a wonderful experience at your photoshoot. I had one client once tell me I'd make a great bomb disposal expert because of my calm and confident handing of their baby!

Creativity and flexibility

This is often the difference between an average newborn photographer and a great one.  Great newborn photographers should be able to think creatively and come up with unique ideas for each photoshoot. They should also be flexible and able to adjust to changing circumstances during the shoot, such as a fussy baby or changing lighting conditions. Every newborn session is completely bespoke. I will never force a baby into any pose and work with them and what they are comfortable and happy doing. I adjust my workflow to suit you and your baby, you baby is my number one priority. 

I love being skilled in all of these different areas.  They each play their part in allowing me to create beautiful, high-quality portraits of your newborn baby.  If you’d like to browse my gallery you can find it here. Please do contact me if you'd like more information.


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