What to Wear for your Spring Family Photoshoot


You’re probably wondering why this matters, and the short answer is to keep the focus on your lovely faces and the connections between your family, not on what you are wearing. You’ll want to display these photographs on your wall and look at them all year round for many years to come so it’s important that your clothing choices don’t date and age your photographs.

As with all seasons the following guidelines apply:

  • No tight stripes/checks (they can create what’s called moire, which can make your eyes go a bit funny when you look at them in print or on the screen)
  • Avoid cartoons/big logos (these will definitely date your photographs and are distracting)
  • Don’t wear too much white (white reflects the sun so can be really overpowering)
  • Dress everyone for the same weather (e.g don’t have just one family member in a big jumper if everyone else is in t-shirts)
  • Make sure your clothes fit well (clothes that are too big or small are more obvious in photos than they are when you look in the mirror)
  • Choose layers instead of coats (so you don’t hide your lovely outfits!) By all means bring coats and we can take them on and off between photos!

Colours for spring

  • Avoid black and bright bold or neon colours - these conflict with the soft colours that spring naturally provides.
  • Navy is a great alternative to black 
  • Choose a soft colour palette, pinks, light blue, greys are all perfect for spring. Yellow is great too and you can even go for a bolder yellow for bluebell shoots.
  • Avoid green (especially for bluebell shoots where the woods are already pretty dark with a green colour cast)
  • Neutrals like cream and beige are excellent and always a safe bet.

Family of 3 in Northampton town centre

Start with your own outfit

I always advise you start with your own outfit. Find something that looks great and that you love. Then start picking outfits for the rest of the family that fit in the same tones.  Lay everything out on the bed and and you’ll be able to see what works. The best thing about online shopping is that you can order several choices and just send back what doesn’t work! Don’t forget about shoes too.

Girls laughing on beach photoshoot at Seaton Carew near Darlington

The most important thing

Whilst all this advice is important to get the most from your photographs I understand how tricky children can be sometimes and if they're not happy with their outfit it will ruin your photographs way more than wearing the 'wrong' coloured top!

If you’re ever in any doubt you can always WhatsApp/email your choices over to me and I can advise you on the best combinations.



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